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H2WR54G Hawking --- BR-6524K / WP EDIMAX

Hi Sergio & all the Group!

I have Hawking H2WR54G  Dual WAN  4xLAN router and i have loaded Amilda -6104k-0.4.13.bin firmware and working OK fine! The only thing was that working 1x WAN + 4x LAN  and No WLAN.
Then i have loaded the EDIMAX firmware edimax-6524k_upg_1.44.bin that seems to be compatible and i find that was working fine also the only difference was that BB-6524K dont support WLAN  the more simmilar was the BR-6524WP with WLAN + 2 USB ports but i have not find any firmware update to EDIMAX Site.
After all that i have like the Qos system in EDIMAX that HAWKING dont have it. Is that you can SET router for Maximum or guarantee bandwidth upload/download to any IP or MAC & port range  separated for any PC.  This is good if can be added to Amilda Qos firmware.
After to try again from AMILDA to load again EDIMAX firmware i have no success no boot! I try again the Amilda and was loaded and boot OK Then i have try many times to load EDIMAX or HAWKING and no of that boot.. ( no sys signature found!! )  Now i am trying to find what happend and only Amilda works!  All firmware loaded with RS232 interface.



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