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#1 2007-02-20 01:40:32

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feature request

Hi all,
I first started using amilda because it gave me the power to just telnet to the router and modify things as i see fit. Until now i have been using a script to telnet to the router automatically and set some params i needed, a second ip on the wan interface and port forwarding. This was just a few lines of code and it worked.
But now the guy i'm sharing the router with has discovered file sharing and its using up all the bandwith so i started experimenting with qos on the router. After a few failed attempts i managed to get a working prototype. Now all i need is a way to get some 30+ lines of code to the router.
What i propose is a user definable script that can be saved just like a variable and executed on system start. It shouldn't be to much work to get it going. Since from what i understand there is 64Kb available for variables there should be plenty of space to add say a 1000 bytes for this.
The reason why i can't do this myself is that i don't have a serial mod and without one i don't really want to start experimenting.

As a side note i noticed something very disturbing. One night my isp cut my internet access by brutally removing my network cable from the nearest switch. This was ~2.00 AM so they didn't bother to come in. When i asked why the following day they said that i was flooding the network and most of the neighbouring switches started to crash. At the time i was the only user using to the router, and i did notice a major slowdown in the network speed.  After my isp pulled the plug on me my attempts to telnet the router failed, but i did manage to get to the web interface after several tries and on the status page the idle time for the cpu was 1%.
A couple of months before this incident there was another one, but i didn't realize the connection. Then the closest switch to me was burned after a similar massive flood on the network by my ip. At the time i wasn't in the city so my personal computer wasn't powered on, just my friends. Now since i use Linux and he uses Windows i think i can rule out a computer virus and the only link between me and the switch is the router.
The reason i never mentioned this before is because i was testing the router to see when and how this happens. Unfortunately i wasn't able to reproduce this flood action on the router, but i did manage to make it crawl. It seems that long uptimes and heavy loads lead to this kind of behaviour. So now i never i reset the router after a few days or whenever i notice a slowdown in network speeds. That is why such a feature would be usefull.



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