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#1 2007-03-24 14:34:12

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problems putting firmware together, help please

HI all, can someone help me.

I have had trouble creating the firmware for my router. I have followed the instructions at, I followed this part to create the firmware

5.7 Creating a firmware image (optional)
1. Get this tool and compile it:
linux:/home/tom/adm5120/linux # wget … mksyshdr.c
linux:/home/tom/adm5120/linux # gcc mksyshdr.c -o mksyshdr

if you like, you can save this file somewhere else of course

2. Create the firmware image:

linux:/home/tom/adm5120/linux # ./mksyshdr csys vmlinuz
linux:/home/tom/adm5120/linux # cat csys vmlinuz > firmware.img
linux:/home/tom/adm5120/linux #

but it gets stuck at "jump to linux code!!"

Also from what I can tell the filesystem isnt put in the firmware. So would I just use the line

cat csys vmlinuz "what firmware called" > firmware.img

but same problem

then I tryed joining the vmlinuz + the filesystem (which is gzip -9) then created the csys header for that file, then join them together with cat

same problem stil happens.

I am sure the file system has the gzip -9 compression. Am I ment to put any on the kernel.

Can anyone give me instructions how to do this please? Been trying to figure it out my self with no luck. Ohyea I have my filesystem in a .img which is gzip -9 and vmlinuz

Thanks in advance



#2 2007-03-26 05:21:25

From: Lima
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Re: problems putting firmware together, help please


The CSYS header contains both length and checksum, so you have to update them too. Probably that's the problem. You can use the cvimg utility to create the complete CSYS image out of the kernel image (which during compile-time gets the filesystem inside).

Hope this helps you..




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