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#1 2008-02-24 22:50:28

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Hi guys,
i've been trying for couple days now to put some sort of linux kernel on my adm5120 based smc2804wbrp-g eu router, till now no luck, the kernel won't run from ram and i can't upload anything else except the original soho images on it...i guess i should change the bootloader bu i have no idea how i could do that as the bootloader won't let me....
did anyone manage to boot some linux on this router?



#2 2008-02-25 09:19:04

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Re: smc2804

Hi rhadoo_jo,

It maybe the case that your smc2804 router is checking for the right firmware in the bootloader. If so then you will have to use some other bootloader, if it's not protected ...they do such things  hmm  sometimes... or maybe only the header is beeing checked.
If the bootloader is not protected, you will need a JTAG to flash some other bootloader. RS232 will not do the job unless the bootloader has this feature.

It's hard for me to say anything for shure because i don't know anything about this router.
But i found this wiki page that you will find very interesting smile … sectingSMC

I hope this helps a bit smile

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