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#1 2008-04-01 16:42:20

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BR6104PK as robot brains

I was think about making a robot for a long time.. I was dubbing about what platform should use. My old Edimax router seems a fine platform to me. It has a lot of advantages, like it's a small board, it's doesn't seems to consume that much power and it has a lot of options. Pretty nice board with probably more features and power i would ever use wink

Now what's the deal, I'm aware of the option of controlling the leds, which I can use to control servo's and other moving parts of the robot. But, i also need some input channels.. Now I was thinking about the GPIO ports.. But I have no idea how to program those, and how to use them in an electric scheme...

Who has a few links for me where i can read about this GPIO? How to use them, how to program them... Maybe i need to program a driver or something.. Maybe the driver is allready out there..

The point is, controlling the leds is not that difficult, which means if I connect some other stuff to the leds i can control much much more.. the problem is, how and where do I connect some input stuff like light sensors. IR sensors (so the robot doesn't crash to a wall or something) and how about a microphone..

Maybe someone has some advice for me, where to look, where to start.. something else?



#2 2008-04-02 07:22:08

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Re: BR6104PK as robot brains


Yes, the ADM5120 has some GPIO pins out there. Some of them are used for the leds, some are simply not connected. They are programmable via software as either input or output. For example, the reset button is an input.  You can have the datasheet of the ADM5120 here if you should need it for connecting the GPIO pins to do something useful.




#3 2008-04-21 18:44:08

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Re: BR6104PK as robot brains

Sorry to push you sideways 
- but I have put up some data for experimenters on GPIO etc here

I think the drivers work with Amilda as well as Midge.

I have my Router in the house with  radio rs232 to a PIC on my rover vehicle for power control etc.



#4 2008-04-26 19:06:18

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Re: BR6104PK as robot brains


Has anyone got interrupts to work with the GPIO#2 (The reset switch)?

I have done some testing and I get tons of spurious interrupts all the time.



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