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IRQ routing and PCI

Hello All,

i have MU-5000FS NAS i am trying to use Amilda on. It is standard ADM-5120 device (with 4MB of Flash) with NEC EHCI (USB 2.0) controller on PCI bus (the ADM5120 is BGA version of course).

I have following problem. When i try to connect USB 2.0 device (like Flash memory) it seems like the device is not accepting address offered by controller. I traced this problem down to the moment, that EHCI driver after offering address to device is waiting for interrupt, and when this doesn't happen, it times out and says that device is not accepting address (which is not true). Standard 1.0 driver (UHCI) is not using this type of transfer (no interrupts) and so 1.0 devices works OK even on the NEC controller.

Some time ago, i did played with 2.6 kernel patch form ADM5120 from OpenWRT and realized, that there was special code for different boards, which set up correct interrupt routing from PCI devices (in some table).

In AMILDA there is probably some default behavior which is not the same as it is wired on MU-5000FS board (probably PCI interrupts goes to different pins than is expected). In 2.6 branch it took me about a week to figure out what needs to be changed and where. Please can somebody help me and give some directions how this works in 2.4 kernels? I would like to use AMILDA because that 2.6 patch was highly experimental and unstable.

Thank you.



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