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#1 2009-09-16 14:27:20

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Compiling AMiLDA 0.4.23 on VirtualBox with Ubuntu Hardy

This is a quick HowTo of setting up a "Virtual" working place to play around with AMiLDA.

1. Download Ubuntu Netinstall ISO --> … t/mini.iso

2. Download VirtualBox -->

3. Install VirtualBox

Make a new Virtual Machine and give it a nice UbuntuEdi wink
You can disable the Floppy, Audio, Serial Ports and USB.
Enable the CDRom and mount the mini.iso
Make sure you Enable the Extended Feature PAE/NX.
Also set the network card to bridging mode and give the right IP address when installing Ubuntu or just use the DHCP if you have one runing in your LAN.

4. Boot with mini.iso and install Ubuntu (Install with minimal config...)

5. Unmount the mini.iso, or disable the cdrom device.

Then Start and login to your new installed Ubuntu Virtual Machine.
apt-get update/upgrade is not needed because we used the netinstall methode.

6. Install a few tools that are needed for our work:

sudo su -
apt-get install mc ssh psmisc build-essential autoconf bison flex m4 byacc

7. Fix a few things with locals (at least i needed it for the pstree output and mc)

echo LANG="en_US.iso885915" > /etc/default/locale
echo en_US.ISO-8859-15 ISO-8859-15 >> /var/lib/locales/supported.d/local
dpkg-reconfigure locales

8. Connect and Login with putty...i like putty because i can work with a bigger window and copy/paste stuff.

9. Now in putty, lets download the toolchain and AMiLDA source:

10. Unpack:

cd /
tar xvzf /root/tool-chain.tgz
cd /usr/src
tar xfvj /root/AMiLDA-0.4.23.tar.bz2

11. Then:

I had to change <config.h> to "config.h" in "apps/flash-utils/util.c" file.

13. Your new compiled image is in --> "/usr/src/AMiLDA/image/6104K/"

And that's it  big_smile
Now you have a Virtual PC with Ubuntu where you can compile, develop or just play around with AMiLDA
Take stuff out.....put new stuff in.....make something cool.....and tell us about it  cool

Nothing is impossible....except that the state of your mind makes it so.



#2 2010-01-05 16:52:45

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Re: Compiling AMiLDA 0.4.23 on VirtualBox with Ubuntu Hardy


After i started working hard on my 1-Wire MOD, i kind of got annoyed of having too many putty windows all over the i decided to add some NFS features to the VirtualBox Server so i can use my favorite editor Notepad++ smile

Login to your VirtualBox Server and do this: (use the IP address of your client where the VirtualBox is running on. My IP is

sudo su -
apt-get install nfs-kernel-server portmap
echo "/usr/src,no_root_squash,async,subtree_check)" >> /etc/exports
/etc/init.t/nfs-kernel-server restart

After making changes to /etc/exports you must use this command to use the new share.

exportfs -ra

So that would be about it for the Server side.

Now lets do the WinXP Pro side. (For the Home edition look here
First lets download "Windows Services for Unix" (about 220MB)

Execute the downloaded file and select a place of your choice.
Then start the Sfusetup.

* Select Custom Install
* We only need to install :
o NFS -> NFS Client
o Auth Tools for NFS -> User Name Mapping
* Deselect Everything Else

During the next steps accept all defaults

* Default to the Machine's Domain
* Select passwd and group files
* Select user name mapping

If needed Reboot Windows...i didn't need to.

Lets Configure SFU now.
1. We have to create a passwd and group file so that SFU can map a windows user to our Server user. Save the files to C:\ or wherever you choose...I've put them in C:\Program Files\SFU.





I used root so i don't have to adapt the source tree to some other user...many files in the source tree are owned by the root user.

2. Launch SFU

Start -> All Programs -> Windows Services for unix -> Services for Unix Administration

3. In the "Client for NFS" (On the Left)

Set the desired permissions of the sharer (I'm using rwx for owner and group, nothing for other)
* Click Apply

4. In the "User Name Mapping" (On the Left)

* Select "Use Password and Groups Files" -> Enter the two files that we made "passwd" and "group" in the appropriate boxes

5. Maps Tab

* Select the "Show User Maps" -> Click both buttons "Show Windows Users" and "Show Unix Users"
o Select your Windows user and associate it with the root Linux User
o Click the "Add button"

* Select the "Show Group Maps" -> Click both buttons "Show Windows Groups" and "Show Unix Groups"
o I mapped Windows Administrators to root
o Click the "Add Button"

6. Back to configuration Tab

Click the "Apply" button on the top left.
Click the "Synchronize Now" button near the bottom

Reboot if needed...i didn't have to.

Once Windows is back up (if reboot was needed), you can add our NFS network share. Do this in just the same way as you would add normal network shares in Windows. From File Explorer, select "Tools" and then "Map Network Drive".
In the dialog, type (use the IP address of your VirtualBox Server.)

I mapped it to drive A: ...since i don't have a disk drive any more, it was free to be used smile
After finishing my work for the day, i disconnect the mapping before i turn off my VirtualBox Server...that way i don't have to wait for the endless timeout if i accidentally click on it mad

That's you can use your favorite editor and have fun coding AMiLDA.

Now i only use one putty window for executing "make" where i need to, and copying the compiled files to /var/www so i can fetch them with wget on my router for testing....ooh..i guess its one more putty window...i also need the telnet connection to the router big_smile

Have fun....

Nothing is impossible....except that the state of your mind makes it so.


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