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Problems building with Fedora 4 solved

Just in case someone would encounter the same problem.

On the 1st sort of forum AMiLDA had, I had posted an issue concerning the mk6104k script, which failed for some reason when trying to execute the line:

/sbin/mke2fs -vFm0 $TMPIMG $RAMDISKSIZE (not copied, could contain type errors)


I got the message: Permission denied while trying to determine filesystem size

I was using Fedora 4 as a host system, but soon I switched to Debian and the issue did not occur with debian. Now i'm using a notebook and Debian gave me a hard time configuring it, so i switched to Fedora 4 back again as a host linux system on my notebook. Everything works fine, but the building of AMiLDA (0.33) failed again with the exact same messages as before... By googling for a while the solution was found: Turn off selinux. (Can be done by passing selinux=0 to the kernel when booting) After a boot with this parameter the building process of amilda runs OK under fedora 4 also...  big_smile

Note: Disabling selinux seems to introduce some security risks. So maybe it would be preferable to make a second boot option which disables it just for usage while building AMiLDA. Or not...  hmm



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