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Adding more ram?!

I think it would be an interesting idea to add more ram to the board. I found some Russian site where they seem to have added extra ram.
Have a look at:
That Russian site is not very fast so be patient to have it load al the pictures.

I translated the text to English with help of Altavista's Babbelfish.

the theoretical diagram of increase SDRAM to 'yaMbayt, Flash to yaMbayt. microcircuit simpler anything to remove from the old modules SDRAM from PC. should be focused attention on speed. In standard routere stand ms with 7.5 ns. Although i have with the installation analogous ms of another firm, errors in memory were observed. Therefore in the following version it was necessary to place 6 ns of microcircuit. unfortunately because of the special feature of concrete skhemyustroystva and special features of controller SDRAM, to increase the storage capacity is possible only to e2M. it is also necessary to correct several constants in the charger and to modify nucleus lunix. If only to resolder microcircuit, then device will remain operational, but it will not be added memory. The alternative of an increase in the memory - to solder above existing ms sdram analogous, with this CS from these microcircuits to bring to the processor, to the second form. Practical realization: increase RAM to 32 To m.byte

According to the ADM5120 datasheet the SDRAM clock runs default at 87.5MHz. I'm not sure but I think the current chips on my board say 7
nanoseconds. So I guess it should be possible to use some old SDRAM modules for this.

More info: Interface
Memory features:
•Two bank support (2 chip select pins)
•Each bank can support -- 1M x 32 up to 32M x 32bit (128M-byte)

So post your ideas/thoughts here! :)

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