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#1 2006-03-30 04:17:58

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JTAG software not so good

After many weeks my Hawking router is alive once again.  It was quite an ordeal and validated every fear I had about getting into JTAG.  But after all was said and done it made my day when my serial port cable started showing me bootup messages again! big_smile  big_smile  big_smile

I was able to recover it by using the JTAG cable (Wiggler clone) I made (details in another topic).  I must warn everyone that thinks restoring a bricked router using JTAG is easy.... it's NOT easy.  Recent new member Gwydion can attest to this.  Here's an overview of the software available to you if you find yourself needing to use JTAG to recover a bricked device based on the ADM5120, like Edimax or my Hawking.

OCD Commander.  This is a free program for Windows from Macgraigor Systems.  It works, but there's not a lot you can do with it.  It has support for generic MIPS32 4Kc chips but it does not set up all the control registers correctly.

OCD Flash Programmer
This is another Windows program from Macgraigor Systems.  You will need the non-demo version to actually program your flash device through a JTAG cable.  I couldn't get the demo version to even detect my 4 MB flash (MX29LV320AB), so there was never even a thought about actually purchasing the non-demo software.  You may have better luck with it.  I understand most Edimax devices only have 2 MB of flash and maybe this software will recognize those chips.

jtag tools.  This is available from the JTAG Tools website.  This is the software that finally helped me unbrick my router.  I have a love-hate relationship with this software.  The big problem is that the project, part of the openwince project, stopped maintaining the software 3 years ago.  As a result, many people have been contributing patches to it but none of them are ever merged into the codebase.  As a result, if you download the "latest" version of this software it will not work with any ADM5120 device.

For that you will need a modified version of jtag tools which I found through this post on vlad's Midge forums.  The code did not detect my flash device either.  The way I finally was able to re-flash my bootloader was to use Marek's modified code and a script I wrote.  That script programs the flash word-by-word.  Obviously not the most elegant solution.  You want to be able to simply tell it, "Here's a binary file.  Program it onto the flash chip."  It's not that simple.

I strongly recommend you take the time to back up your entire flash device so you will have a copy of your bootloader to recover, in case it's ever necessary.

It turns out my big mistake was thinking the first sector of my flash chip was protected when, in fact, it was NOT protected.  As a result I wrote over my bootloader and the router became a brick.

Anyway, the happy ending is my bootloader is working again, the stock Hawking firmware is working again and AMiLDA is working again.

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#2 2007-11-14 11:55:32

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Re: JTAG software not so good

Hi, which software do you use to download bootloader into your flash finnaly?
I am at this stage that cannot download bootloader through jtag. And two software are used, but still not. I want to know how to solve it.



#3 2010-08-06 12:42:46

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Re: JTAG software not so good

OCD Flash Programmer is very

And I unbrick my router using jtag tools...

I will follow your recommendation...Thanks HH

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