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Amilda for VoIP with PRIO+HTB

I've patch Amilda for working with VoIP and PRIO+HTB Scheduling for prioritzing VoIP traffic, if you want you can probe my kernel, I've modified the webpages too for start or no voip...

IS  A BETA SOLUTION for programming in RAM but it's working ok for a month in my router.

the link is:

you have decompress before programming.

it has  a simple monitor utility for monitoring bandwith... for utilize this monitor you have execute ./bin/total_restart from console and use the 'monitor' link in the webpage. sorry is in spanish the monitor.php

no password is needed for console.

For VoIP you have to modify the  DOWNLINK, RATE and CEIL in /etc/init.d/voip script

If you have any sugestion email-me.


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