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#1 2006-04-19 06:50:44

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Installation amilda 0.4.2 successful on BR6104KP

I'm in UNIX business since almost two decades now, but seeing Linux booting on this small device really drives a smile in my face ;-) You have done super great work w/ amilda, guys. Keep on going.

This installation is amilda 0.4.2 on an Edimax BR6104KP. The device is connected thru an TTL<->RS232 converter, I bought from ELV ( , their part# 68-384-39 ) 3.3 V on Pin 2 on Jumper 2 are enough to feed this converter. RTS/CTS had to be loop wired on the connector as well to make it work ( but may not be necessary as this happened when beginning to hack around w/ the device).

So far I haven't tested out that much, but the basics definitely work.

Thanks again,

Volker Jahns,



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