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Kernel Headers Overwritten?

Part of the kernel building process does a "make dep" in the linux 2.4.x directory.  After that is done, I find the directories on my host system /usr/include/linux and /usr/include/asm now contain the headers from the 2.4.x kernel!

That is very bad.  Those are my real host system directories and they are now corrupt.  On a machine where you do a lot of development it could lead to some very serious problems if you compile programs against the wrong kernel headers.

UPDATE: I could be mistaken.  I verified the glibc-headers package from the Redhat FC3 rpm and everything looks OK.  But I I don't think my /usr/include/asm directory should have "am5120" and "galileo-boards" (and a few more) subdirectories.  I will try tomorrow to completely erase the directories, install the rpm files again and do a 2.4.18 kernel build and see what happens.  This could be from when I was playing around with buildroot.  It's possible I had a bad directory path set up for installing the 2.4.18 kernelheaders at one time.  I'll post my results tomorrow.

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