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Edimax BR-6204Wg on sale

I hope this isn't too spammy for the forums here.

This week, until Saturday 15 July 2006 you can get the CompUSA 333628 router in the U.S. for only $15.  It is a re-badged Edimax BR-6204Wg router with QoS features.  It's not based on the ADM5120 system-on-chip, but rather the Realtek 8186 (PDF spec).  It also uses the Realtek 8225 wireless chipset (PDF spec).  It has 16 MB SDRAM and a 2 MB flash device.

There is at least one 3rd-party firmware for it, DD-WRT, and possibly others as well but I haven't verified that.  Realtek makes the source code for their RTL8139 wireless chipset available here which is not the 8225, but it might be a good starting point if you want to experiment.  There is more information from Realtek on the RTL8225 here.  The RTL8225 is WPA2 certified.

It's not an ADM5120 and it won't run AMiLDA, but the specs are available and for $15 (what's that, like 12 euro?) it's a really good deal IMO.  I'm going to get one this evening to put away for another day when I need something to play with. smile

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